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The Four Legged Friends

January 31, 2019 by Charlie


Sonic is an 8 year old Border Collie who I acquired when he was 10 months old. All my life I had wanted a dog, but it had never been practical growing up so about 2 weeks after I moved out I set out on my search. I had a phone call from a friend saying someone she knew was looking to re-home their dog having rescued him and now not really having time for him. I jumped in the car, picked him up and never looked back. He has a few problems now with arthritis and sore legs but he’s been a fantastic friend, farm dog and housemate for the last 7 years.


Blue was my first pony! I’m so lucky and grateful to my parents that they realised my horse-madness was not ‘just a phase’ and Blue arrived in my life when I was 14. He was a beautiful Palomino, Welsh Cob and boy he knew how pretty he was! He was my first taste of affiliated show-jumping, but in the words of my trainer at the time he was a ‘horse that jumped, not a jumping horse’. Which meant he didn’t always switch on and get down to business, and to my extreme embarrassment I nearly always got bucked off him when we were out and about at competition! He taught me an awful lot though and we had some great times. I sold him after 8 years and I’m so happy to tell you that he’s still at the home I sold him to and they have had a whale of a time together.


Storm was my horse of a life time. She was a 16.2hh, Chestnut, Selle Francais mare and she was a troubled soul. But so was I at 19 when I got her, so we matched perfectly. She arrived in my life at a time when I needed to be needed. And boy did she need me. She’d had an accident which had terrified her and I basically picked up the pieces and turned her into something not only rideable, but an absolute joy to ride. (That was after her scaring the hell out of me for the first year or so!) Having bought her to show jump on I was mortified to find that she was too scared to walk over a pole on the ground. With the help of my trainer we actually ended up jumping up to 1m10 classes and even went to Hickstead together on a few occasions! I lost her to colic in 2012 and it broke my heart into pieces. A good friend wrote to me shortly after Storm passed away and reminded me that she is not gone for she will live on in what I teach other horses.


Xavi was a 16.2hh, 6 year old, Chestnut, Warmblood gelding. I saw him walk up the yard where I was working at the time (and where I had Storm at the time) and I knew I wanted him. I didn’t know anything about him but he had to be mine. My mum helped me to buy him and I had him as a ‘project horse’ for 2 years. He was an absolute gentleman. Never put a foot wrong. He launched my Dressage career, and I really haven’t looked back since! I did sell him after the 2 years to a lovely family and used the money to fund a trip around the world. Can’t get much better than that!



Now this little (not so little now!) lady came into my life after I tragically lost Storm. I had spent 6 months unsure of whether or not to even continue with my riding, and a friend showed me a video or her and I went to see her and fell in love. She was unbacked (had never been sat on), and just coming up to 4 years old. I had never trained a horse from scratch before and I was so excited at the chance to be able to do this. Nearly 6 years on and we have competed in dressage with our local Riding Club, winning qualifications to be able to ride at Championship shows and also affiliated with British Dressage and ridden up to a higher level then I ever would have imagined and been able to go to Area competitions.