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Not a Doctor

January 24, 2019 by Charlie

When I was young I figured I’d live forever. I actually didn’t. I didn’t even think about how long I’d live for. Why would I? I don’t think I even understood that concept of lifespan!

I’ve probably seen the vet more times for my animals than I have seen the doctor for myself. That says a lot about pet owners! We are always putting our animals first. I think this mostly makes sense as they do not have a voice of their own and can’t always tell us where something hurts or what is wrong. We would feel mortified if we ignored any sorts of lameness or illness and it turned out to be something more serious, whereas if we ignore it for ourselves than we only have ourselves to blame.

I grew up in an homeopathic environment. Now,that’s not to say I never went to the doctor. I fell off my horse (a lot!) and would end up in A&E a fair amount due to sprained ankles etc. But if I had a cold or a headache then my mum would reach for her little, old, battered book and look up the symptoms. She’d go to the big old chest of drawers on the landing and rifle through and produce a pot of small, white pills and also probably get warm blackcurrant squash and honey if I had a sore throat. My parents were never the type to rush me off to the doctor.

When I was in my mid teens I developed eczema as a result of an allergy to nickel. It started on my tummy from belt buckles and the buttons on jeans, and then appeared around my neck from necklaces and also in the bends of my elbows and on my shins. I suffered with this for years, but expected for it to never go away as my mum has a history of eczema. And I didn’t even think once to go to the doctor. However, I did see a homeopathic doctor who sent me home with some more little white pills and it never really made a difference.

The other event going on in my mid-teens was my parents involvement with a nutritional supplement company. I (very reluctantly) when I was about 19 started to take a multi-vitamin. I remember waking up one day and realising my eczema had all gone. I don’t think it vanished over night, but over the course of a few months it must have gradually diminished until I literally woke up wondering where and when it had gone!

This certainly sparked an interest in my own health and what I put in my body. I had also become vegetarian as I was aware of growth hormones being pumped into animals that I just didn’t fancy consuming and having in my body. I’ve been lucky growing up that my dad always cooked fresh food and we weren’t of a ‘microwave food’ generation. Since my parents involvement with the nutrition company they became increasingly aware of sourcing local and organic produce and this has all rubbed off on me.

As an adult now I try to be conscious of what I eat and where it comes from. I never visit the doctor nowadays, but my nutrition is good and I am actually very rarely poorly. Certainly never poorly enough to be worried.

I think the point to this post is that I know I’m not going to live forever. None of us do. But if we look after ourselves, are aware of what our bodies need to function well, (not just to function), then we probably won’t get ill at all or as often. This means that even though we are not living forever we are living healthier for longer. This means we probably won’t go to the doctor. This means we won’t be draining the NHS of their time and money. But you know, I am not a doctor. I might be wrong. But in my experience it has sure helped!