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Where Have I Been…?

March 28, 2019 by Charlie


I’m so sorry I’ve not posted much in the last two weeks but I’ve been crazy busy up in Scotland.

I’ve had my first photography event for Lanark Riding Club, which was a full day of Dressage. A really friendly riding club, and some lovely tests ridden!

The girls in Peterborough have been photographing for Wittering Academy and Rutland Riding Club, so they have been busy, too!

I’ve also been preparing for my mare, Sierra to come home! She arrived on Saturday evening and settled straight in to her isolation box and her haylage and barely even looked up at us!

On Sunday morning she went in her isolation paddock for a couple of hours and had a mooch about. I rode on Sunday afternoon and in the lovely indoor arena, and she kept checking herself out in the mirrors and was good as gold.

She’s since been out all day in her paddock and in all night, without any stress. I am so relieved as she can sometimes be a bit of a box walker if she’s upset, and has been known to jump out of her field!

So that’s just a quick update as to what’s been happening.
I’ll promise not to leave it so long between posts next time!
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