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Go Wrong With a Smile

March 4, 2019 by Charlie

I’ve not written for a couple of weeks as ‘life’ happened!

I’ve learnt some very valuable lessons in the last month, one of which is to go wrong with a smile.

Let me explain.

Life throws us all sorts of curve balls. It is NEVER plain sailing, and you know what? that is OK. Our job, hard as it may seem, is to enjoy the journey. And if we’re not enjoying it, then we can certainly learn from it.

I feel like I’ve learnt a fair few things this year, even though we’re only 2 months in! But most importantly I’ve learnt than even when things go wrong, and you get news you don’t expect, or life takes turns that you didn’t intend for it to take, you can muddle through all of this with the help of family and friends, and still manage to do it with a smile on your face. In fact, that smile is vital. Positive thinking goes such a long way and is so valuable. Studies have even shown that optimism and positivity even boosts your immune system! The power of the mind is truly amazing.

I’ve also learnt that the majority of things that I worry about are really very small in the grand scheme of things. Taking a step back to really analyse whether or not something is worthy of the effort that it takes to worry is really key. A few things I’ve found myself worrying about lately relate to my house, my mortgage, my horse and my dog. Well. Let me tell you. I gave myself a short, sharp slap in the face fairly recently as, let’s be honest, most people would give their left arms to have a house, or a horse… or a house AND a horse. I am very fortunate that I have worked hard for years and managed to be in a position to have these things. But let’s get real. There are bigger things in the world to be worrying about.

So, my take home from January and February is this. Worry less and smile more. Even when things go wrong. Go wrong with a smile 🙂

Below is an example of how going wrong with a smile can be adapted to everything in life(!)