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January 18, 2019 by Charlie

Hi. I’m Charlie Isaacs, the owner of Eriena Photography.

My love of taking photos was passed down to me from my Mum. She always had a camera in her hand when we were on holiday as kids and still loves taking photos of the family, beautiful skies and scenery (most of all trees!) Most of the photos I have of me riding my horses were taken by my Mum!

She passed the photography bug on to me, and it seemed only natural to combine my love of horses and my love of taking photos together.

So a bit more about me.

I believe in love, fun, having adventures and DREAMING BIG

I’m also full-time mum to Sonic the Border Collie and Sierra, my Warmblood mare.

Through-out this blog you’ll see all the bits and pieces of my life pulled together into once place, and also follow me on my journey as I settle into life in Scotland (having moved first from London to Peterborough, and then from Peterborough to Scotland, via travelling around the world a couple of times!)

The animals in my life tend to take centre stage and that will be the case through out the blog as well.

Let me introduce you to them